Delete from here on Mac

On my MacBook Pro equipped with a trackpad, in the Study function I do all the Mac equivalents of Alt and Shift, except the one [Delete from here] (Shift + control)

Can you foresee this possibility on Mac in a future update.


After further testing, I find that the [Delete from here] function works well on Mac with Chrome browser.
The Safari browser I usually use does not support this feature.
In the future I will use Chrome to [Delete from here]

А какая разница между сафари и хром? Если ты не знал, все браузеры для MacOS\iPadOS\ iOS построены на движке сафари.

It is true that all iOS and iPadOS browsers are built using WebKit engine, but as far as I'm concerned, that's not true for macOS.

Google Chrome on macOS is using its own engine: Blink. It is based on WebKit, of course, but is supports more APIs and features than WebKit itself.

So, unfortunately, it is possible that a Lidraughts feature is working on Chrome, but not working on Safari, but I'm more than sure that Lidraughts devs are going to resolve the problem in the near future :)

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