How can we even win a game on draughts??????

Horsey god help me...idk how to even win.

@Fox_chess1 under standard rules, a game is won either by taking all pieces OR by disabling opponent to make a legal move (what chess players might call as "stalemate").
Example (10x10 board):
White: king on square 15; black: king on square 46, draughtsman on 41.
White wins by playing 15-47, because black has no legal move.

I still don't understand
How I solve Captcha?

@Lid_rafts There are multiple (usually, two) capturing options in the captcha. However, you need to find one where you can take maximum number of draughtsmen (simple checkers). As well, you need to keep in mind that under International rules, you can and must capture not only forwards, but also backwards.

You can't win a game of draughts its mathematical draw; but from the other side - your opponent can loose :) All you have to do is - help your opponent to find loosing move :)

this game is hard, chess is easy

even the capture is hard

@Facebook just that you are more familiar witch chess, that doesn't mean draughts is hard. I being a 2000+ rated player in Lichess is maybe 1500 in Draughts Variants. 1 year ago, I also found draughts to be too hard! Believe me, from then I never ever thought that draughts can be harder than chess. Of course, tactics, mov sequence and stratgies need brain-storming but believe me again, Ddraughts captures and moves are far more easier than chess.

I mostly find people coming from lichess... creating their account... playing 1 or 2 draughts game... loosing all of them... being inactive in lidraughts forever..........

NO SPIRIT OF LEARNING! That's the fact.