kann man hier so chatten wie bei lichess?

@chessy72 Ja, wir können chatten. Aber um hier zu chatten, müssen wir einen Chat erstellen und das Thema und den Inhalt der Nachricht eingeben. Ich hoffe, Sie verstehen :)

Hi, thoughts on lichess?
Lichess should be known as Lies chess, because its run by liars, who either keep amateur ratings under control or cap them.
They allow cheating secretly.
Basically they take the piss out of people

Sadly, has had many more updates than And although I play a lot more on lichess, it's still sad to see, that lidraughts simply doesn't get as much attention. Thus, some features here are "outdated", especially compared to Lichess. But maybe, in future, this will be fixed through giving Lidraughts a little more attetion and updating it. One day... as they say, a new hope...