Problem with "random opening" Brazilian

Here the problem is that a reference to balloted opening is not given in commentary section. If a reference was provided, it would be easier to detect a mistake.

Same thing happens in same ballot in Russian.

@dtmylens I agree; that ballot under Russian and Pools is playable: 1. g3-h4 (in the spirit of regular opening 1. c3-d4 d6-c5 2. b2-c3 e7-d6 3. g3-h4 etc.), and because majority capturing is not mandatory, 1. .. c5-b4 doesn't work.

Yes, this position is already lost for white, should be deleted in Brazilian version

Also position 25 XIII is lost for black, F2F4 H8E5. There are 9 of them because you set up Russian table.

Wow yes... same position again just reversed colors.