change button properties

I suggest changing the properties of the "surrender" and "offer draw" buttons. These buttons must be inactive until turn 10 in the game.

I explain. tournament just finished I Mistrzostwa Kanału 'Warcaby' Arena. In the game of marahonov_dima and Kuba, my opponent pressed the "surrender" button at move #1. The same situation was repeated in the party Mindi and marahonov_dima. How to understand this human behavior? It turns out that they gave me 8 points in this tournament, and this ultimately affected the distribution of prizes.
Therefore, I propose to make the "surrender" button inactive at the beginning of the game (for example, for 10 moves).

Note - maybe I should ask the moderators to remove the result of these two games from this tournament and reconsider the distribution of prizes?

@marahonov_dima I agree with you partially. Let me tell why:

Removing "offer-a-draw" button before move 10 is justified, as it doesn't make sense in a game with less than 10 moves and draw occurs. But "surrender" button shouldn't be removed even before move 10. This is because, when in 3rd, 4th or 5th move, somebody is in disadvantage of 2 pieces because of blunder, then they might not prefer to wait for 10th move to resign.

Hi all,

We already have this option to inactivate drawoffers before move 'x' for official or special tournaments created and partly organized by Lidraughts. See this tournament for example (tournament description left above):
In OTB tournaments, or tournaments with arbiter and official rules, it is normal that draw-offers are forbidden until move 40 is played by both players in the game (International draughts and Frisian draughts). Otherwise both players score 0 points.

Do you suggest to add such rule (no drawoffers before move 10 for example) in all tournaments, or just in the tournaments that you can organize yourself? And in case of the second suggestion: add such rule as basic unchangeable rule, or as an option in the advanced settings? In all the standard tournaments, there is nothing really at stake, so in my opinion there can't be really a problem there. And if someone is sandbagging, Lidraughts does close such accounts with repeated violation.
We are willing to add this subject to the list of 'things to think about'.

Right now in all tournaments, we already have the rule that an agreed draw before move 10 results in 0 points for both players. See tournament rules description all the way below:

Thank you for your reply. I didn't know all this. Answer to your question: I propose to make this rule for tournaments that a person creates himself and as an additional option in the settings.