I'm not able to create public tournaments, always private one is created


as title says, why? I cannot find anything about that in the FAQ.

Cheers, Piotr

You can create a private tournament and go in the advanced setting and set it to no restriction.

Public tournaments (the colored ones) are created by Lidraughts automatically. Normal users can only create private tournaments.

ok, automagically, today my tournaments are publicly available :)

Oh yah the names are actually used differently its kind of confusing.
Did you somehow click in the password box when creating the tournament and that's why it was doing that? It could be as simple as first day accounts can't create tournaments or something like that.

Tournaments are only private when you add a password under 'advanced settings'. Otherwise they will be visible in the tournament schedule like all other tournaments.

I've seen before that some password managers automatically fill the password field when you create a new tournament. Possibly this happened when you created your first tournaments, making them private unintentionally?

@Bobkingmen3 @RoepStoep

Ok, you managed to find it out. Yes indeed, I have opened advanced section, and yes my lastPass application uses some password there. Sorry for confusion.

Thanks and cheers, Piotr