Some multiple accounts,

Literally, just LITERALLY every day in lidraughts, someone makes accounts and plays 1/4 and 1/2 time controls and they play like they already had some accounts on lidraughts. They sandbag by playing against lower rated players to loose rating and suddenly emerge, defeating 1900+ players. And infact their playing style as well as chatting style are same!

And I EACH AND EVERY day get messages from these accounts, they request me to play with them and 3 times I played with those accounts, I lost 90 ratings of ultra. Then I now continue to block those sandbaggers.

But the thing which lidraughts need to do make some servers which can recognise IP Address instantly so that these multiple accounters get closed. And some quick moderation would be nescessary. I have seen here are few moderators, so for next features, it requires some more moderator team.


like the way we got banned in lichess for having 5 accounts well we didn't sandbag

#1 As if you think that lidraughts doesn't log IPs automatically. Of course it does, just like lichess.

It doesn't make any sense to automatically close accounts with multiple ties to the same IP. Turns out that multiple can share an IP, so automatic closing just doesn't make any sense. You'd get tons of false positives and ban people without reason. These kinds of cases require a human in control of decision-making. IP bans aren't to be taken lightly.

yeah about IP stuff, it could be a school or something, so it doesn't always mean so, just saying.

#3 but what to do if VPN is activated? Then it needs to match openings played if so.

#5 Then there's almost nothing you can do. Matching openings doesn't work as it isn't proof.

in that case lichess must send an warning in the all the ids that r from same ip saying the reason and they must make seperate documents which a school or cybercafe should fill up so that the ips can be recognised