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General Draughts Discussion - simultaan #4

Ok thanks !

by philJ
General Draughts Discussion - simultaan #2

In fact i created as a trial a simultaan but half an hour after, it disappeared. so impossible to create two or three days before the date ?

by philJ
General Draughts Discussion - simultaan #1

Hi, how long is opened the room for a simulan play ? Is it the host who decide when begins the simultan and so stop people to enter in it ? Does he have a time limit to begin the simultan ? Thank…

by philJ
Game Analysis - (?)can't succeed to have the same board analyse for two players simultaneously #1

Hi, we've made a stream on twitch but for analyse, i was on analysis board but my opponent did'nt see on lidraughts the same board. How to see the same board analysis for two different computer simul…

by philJ