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General Draughts Discussion - How to get better at draughts.#5

Thank you for the answer, coach!

General Draughts Discussion - How to get better at draughts.#3

Hello! There are two types of combinations: combinations from a real game and created combinations. Is it better for a beginner to solve real game combinations or is there no difference? And here in …

Openings - Opening Book#4

What is currently the most advanced debut book for 10x10 draughts? I mean the paper version.

General Draughts Discussion - Turkish Draughts#1

Perhaps there are plans in the future on this website will be able to play Turkish draughts?

General Draughts Discussion - HI!!#11

[OFFTOPIC] Why international draughts so popular in the Netherlands? What is the story of this popularity? Maybe someone knows? P.S. - I didn’t want to create a new topic. Sorry.