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licheckers would be fun

Asked by selot119
Activity Viewed 362 times, last updated
Will there be a licheckers as well?
Frisian commented :
what would be the difference?
Alihene2 commented :
Yes, @Frisian, checkers are the same as draughts!
One answer
Answered by RoepStoep
To have checkers as a variant, as in draughts on an 8x8 board: maybe some day, but this is not something that is planned for the near future, we can't make any promises on that.

Lidraughts is aimed first and foremost at international draughts on a 10X10 board, and there is still a lot of room fur further development there. Furthermore it would require a major overhaul of the websites internals to support different board sizes, this is a whole different story compared to other 10X10 variants.

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