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Is there the possibility of a lidraughts mobile app?

Asked by YourKingIsInCheckers
Activity Viewed 848 times, last updated
Is there the possibility of a lidraughts mobile app?
Just like lichess mobile, lidraughts mobile should have the same features that are presented at I don't think I'm the first person to bring this idea up, but I think it is worth considering...
Please let me know the status of a lidraughts app in the future as I am interested to know.

2 Answers
Answered by BumperBalloonCars

We definitely want a Lidraughts app. Unfortunately, we can't give a timeframe when a lidraughts app will be made and launched. At the moment, it's not a priority.

If someone else is able and willing to create one, we sincerely encourage others to do so. If it works properly, we surely will consider to implement it.
YourKingIsInCheckers commented :
Understood. May I ask, what is currently the top priority on
RoepStoep commented :
@YourKingIsInCheckers We'll be working on the tactics trainer next, adding Frisian puzzles, and the automatic generation of puzzles from games played on lidraughts. Then there are so many other bigger (game explorer, opening database, game insights, an app, donations/patron, twitch support, (bot) api, etc) and smaller things (shield tournaments, more tournament creation options, PNACL support for browser analysis, translations, etc), basically it's pick and choose...
Toadofsky commented :
I've never done mobile development before, but maybe what I'm trying might make it easier to develop such an application, I don't know:
Answered by BumperBalloonCars

The development of a Lidraughts-app is priority number one now. A timeframe can't be given yet.
RacingKingsKing commented :
Hwen can I expect to have the lidraughts app on my phone? xD

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