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Can "favorite opponents" and "favOUrite opponents" be fixed on lichess/lidraughts?

Asked by YourKingIsInCheckers
Tags lidraughts lichess profile lidraughts profile lichess profile
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I have noticed some inconsistency between one's profile and profile.
In any user's profile who has played an opponent, there is a mistake under the "member since", "active since" and "profile completion" information:
On, it is spelled "favorite opponents", while on it is "favourite opponents". Furthermore I request that this and other spellings should be sensitive to which nationality a user selects, e.g if you select UK nationality, "favourite" should be displayed and if USA is selected, it should be "favorite".
One answer
Answered by RoepStoep
Yes, on lichess there is a separate "translation" for US english, lidraughts only has the one with UK spelling. We can add the US spelling as well, it is then detected automatically which one applies to your system.

By the way, questions like these are better asked in the forum:
RoepStoep commented :
@YourKingIsInCheckers I have added the US spelling. If it doesn't show automatically you can choose US english at the language settings
YourKingIsInCheckers commented :
Thank you for that, I will be (mostly) seen in the forums hereafter!

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