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Tactical Dual

Asked by piers
Tags puzzle
Activity Viewed 297 times, last updated
On tactical puzzle there is some issue since there is only one correct solution :
1)the move order cannot be swap while sometimes it lead to the same combination
2)sometimes there is different waiting (and winning) move
3) you do not make the last take on the expected location
4) sometimes there is a "dual"

So for the above reasons it often happen that you may end up with a "failed" while you were obviously right. So the easy way to solve this is to remove tactical puzzle that have multiple solution
Can we have a way to report those incorrect puzzle?
One answer
Answered by BumperBalloonCars
If you find a puzzle that is wrong, please notify me directly or share your thoughts on the forum like the example below. We will keep an eye on it and puzzles have been corrected because of all your help.

We appreciate it a lot when players help to make this website better. Together we can achieve this!

More detailed answer:
Puzzles are put in when there is a clear best solution (sometimes multiple). Obviously, sometimes you can play different move orders and they should all be correct. In the next example, you can see it is sometimes very easy to miss something, as there are plenty move orders. I look at this closely but sometimes it's difficult to spot them all:

If different waiting moves are possible, all of them should be correct. In fact, these examples are rare. If you can choose from 7 waiting moves for example, I generally choose not to create the puzzle.

Computer analysis is used to prevent mistakes. We have a lot of draughts sources with puzzles, and they unfortunately contain a lot of mistakes as well. I never assume that a puzzle is correct, when it is used in books or websites.

In short:
All puzzles have one best solution, or clearly all winning solutions, with keeping in mind that different move orders are possible sometimes, as well as varied ending squares with for example a king. We appreciate it a lot that players help to point out mistakes, so we can improve the website.

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