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Scan engine and damage gui

Asked by Husniddin1354
Activity Viewed 451 times, last updated
Hi all. I'm chess player and chess software devaloper. I learn international draughts but i'm not find normal draughts gui and software(engine). Please all draughts players help me find damage gui 2015(or 2017-2018) and engine(scan3, or other best engine but only standart x64 cpu version latest offisial scan version not worked my cpu). Thanks and sorry my bad english.
One answer
Answered by RoepStoep
I can't tell you anything about the damage GUI, I have never used it, and don't know what protocol it uses. Maybe someone else knows?

Scan 3.0 works on x64 architecture out of the box, a build for windows x64 (including tablebases, opening book, and a basic GUI for play) can be found on

For me it compiled for linux without any changes. I haven't tried mac, but it should work just the same.
Husniddin1354 commented :
thanks but scan 3 not worked my old cpu (standart x64 cpu SSE2)

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