implement forced draw if one runs out of time in winning position

I noticed lichess calls game to be a draw if you run out of time in won position.

Why not consider similar rule here? In case win is unavoidable in say 10 moves game would be called draw if winner runs out of time.

For example, It would make endgames much more reasonable under time pressure knowing 4 kings v 1 king is at least draw even if winner runs out of time.

Someone who likes to force opponent to make multiple capture moves during last second of the game would probably hate it, but players with not so good internet latency may very much welcome such a change.

I support this idea, if theoretically proven winning endgame is reached. Even in some federations and clubs there is a practice that a player who had reached winning position, can impose a draw to his or her opponent, if theoretically proven winning endgame is reached, but the conversion of advantage for winning side would require extra time. As well, there is no practical reason to encourage a play for time out, if players reach a position which is theoretically drawn due to material insufficiency (for example, 3 kings vs. 2 kings, provided that weakest side had placed both of them on safe squares, so that they can't be locked).

A much simpler idea would be to just get rid of games without increment. In daily Frisian (5+0) I often win by timeout, but it feels like there is still a lot to play out.

Maybe you should play longer games? I find 5 + 5 allready (too) short, but it is good to play. Games with 15 seconds + 0 are ridiculous!! The rules for international draughts are clear; if time is up, you loose, even when you have 20 pieces and your opponent 1. I think thetre is no reason to change rules at this site, because than you play no longer draughts, but a surrogate of this beautiful sport. Than you can better go to a game site, instead of a sport site.....

In many communities of draughts players the flagging is not tolerated. It is almost unwritten ethical principle: if the strongest side has material advantage, but it is not convertible into a win due to lack of time, it is disrespectful for the weakest side to reject the draw offer. One might argue which conditions should be recognized as objective basis for imposing a draw, but majority of club and professional players would agree that it should be valid when there is at least one king on the board and one side has less than 4 pieces on the board.
For example, under International rules, if one side has 4 kings and other side has 3 kings, there is not any serious reason to play 15 moves for proving a theoretical draw. Yet, on 8x8 board, there are more cases where draw can be imposed due to high number of moves. Typical example would be a position where white has kings on a1, g1 and white has draughtsman on c1; black has king on a5 and a draughstmen on a3: in this case, whole conversion might take more than 25 moves even if white makes the most accurate sequence of moves, so flagging as in this situation is disrespectful.
As well, in these matters draughts is not comparable to chess: in chess, materially disadvantageous side can accidentally get winning opportunity, because the win is proven by checkmate, but not by capturing or immobilization of all pieces. For this reason, chess players can't impose a draw due to fact of material superiority, but it is compensated by threefold repetitions, which can be combined with empty checks and running into stalemate. However, given the different nature of game, material insufficiency or lack of time for full conversion into a win, can be a rational basis for imposing a draw in draughts.

I never felt like winner winning on time even on 3 minute games. I never felt like loser running out of time in winning position. Best case i feel like better " time manager".

But sometimes it is fun to watch GMs playing endgame like anti-draughts under time pressure just because you would never see it in real life with actual clocks that have sub 1 second latency in meat-space since you have to make your moves in 3d space and not on your phone/tablet/ipad/pc.
But this is only fun for watching top 10 players. For regular games and players this feels like exploiting the spirit of the game.

I imagine at least for tournaments such an option to force draw in winning position (just like no bersek rule) would be much appreciated.
Also should be quite easy to implement.

I guess nobody has time/resources to try this in some subdomain like before launching such a feature (or any other idea)?