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  1. Urgent need for language filte… archange007 I think there is an urgent need for bad words filtering. I recently in…
  2. Bug! BumperBalloonCars @mr_shashkin It is not a bug. In correspondence games it is possible…
  3. Bug! mr_shashkin I can't take two pieces(by move 12x32), but obviously that it's should…
  4. frisian puzzle 59 BumperBalloonCars Also agreed, I'll take care of it
  5. puzzle 472 BumperBalloonCars Agreed, I'll take care of it;)
  6. puzzle 1184 BumperBalloonCars Agreed! I will take care of it;)
  7. puzzle 1184 jeffreyq2 after 27-21 and 33-39, the move sequence 30-34, 48-43 and 42-38 also l…
  8. puzzle 472 jeffreyq2 According to scan, the position that results after the shot is conside…
  9. frisian puzzle 59 jeffreyq2 after 4-10 15x2 the move 13-18 is also winning
  10. Puzzle 1179 BumperBalloonCars yes, thnx! It has been fixed.
  11. puzzle 969 BumperBalloonCars Agreed! ;)
  12. Puzzle 1003 BumperBalloonCars Agreed!
  13. puzzle 957 BumperBalloonCars Is fixed;)
  14. frisian puzzle 17 BumperBalloonCars Yes, we've noticed. We will disable it, thnx
  15. puzzle 969 jeffreyq2 after 24-29 the move 9-13 is also winning.
  16. frisian puzzle 17 jeffreyq2 13-18 is also winning
  17. puzzle 957 jeffreyq2 The variation with 24-29, followed by a direct 17-21, whilst being con…
  18. Puzzle 1179 MF Cavia 28-22, 38-32! (27-21 40-34) is also winning
  19. Puzzle 1003 MF Cavia It is also possible to change the move order: 25-20, 34-30, 43-38 etc.
  20. Puzzle 414 BumperBalloonCars Hehe, great you pointed this out @bonzai. I do this on purpose sometim…