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  1. Puzzle 1179 BumperBalloonCars yes, thnx! It has been fixed.
  2. puzzle 969 BumperBalloonCars Agreed! ;)
  3. Puzzle 1003 BumperBalloonCars Agreed!
  4. puzzle 957 BumperBalloonCars Is fixed;)
  5. frisian puzzle 17 BumperBalloonCars Yes, we've noticed. We will disable it, thnx
  6. puzzle 969 jeffreyq2 after 24-29 the move 9-13 is also winning.
  7. frisian puzzle 17 jeffreyq2 13-18 is also winning
  8. puzzle 957 jeffreyq2 The variation with 24-29, followed by a direct 17-21, whilst being con…
  9. Puzzle 1179 MF Cavia 28-22, 38-32! (27-21 40-34) is also winning
  10. Puzzle 1003 MF Cavia It is also possible to change the move order: 25-20, 34-30, 43-38 etc.
  11. Puzzle 414 BumperBalloonCars Hehe, great you pointed this out @bonzai. I do this on purpose sometim…
  12. puzzle 401 BumperBalloonCars Agreed! We will disable the puzzle, thnx!
  13. Puzzle 832 BumperBalloonCars Yes, I saw that one when I created the puzzle. In this case, Scan …
  14. Puzzle 832 MF Cavia Additionally, 25-20, 33-28, 44-40 wins a piece
  15. puzzle 401 jeffreyq2 28-23 is considered a correct solution, but according to scan, it only…
  16. Diagram # 532 of the puzzle re… Pontel Oi amigos @BumperBalloonCars e @Arkun. Após exaustiva análise no …
  17. puzzle 755 BumperBalloonCars Yes, the puzzle will be disabled, thnx
  18. Diagram # 532 of the puzzle re… BumperBalloonCars The -0.9 evaluation is from scan after finishing the shot. But this is…
  19. Diagram # 532 of the puzzle re… Arkun I'm still curious where the -0.9 comes from. I missed 10.3-9, but afte…
  20. Diagram # 532 of the puzzle re… BumperBalloonCars Most important is the fact that if black does not make the combination…