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  1. Engine analysis gives only one… RoepStoep Scan does not support multipv, so it only gives the best move. Multipv…
  2. Engine analysis gives only one… Finlip Is that the case or can we see multiple lines?
  3. Mistakes in puzzles simpaticheski Puzzle 1079: ( except taking a di…
  4. Mistakes in puzzles simpaticheski In order to organise the forum a bit, I propose to make one dedicated …
  5. Puzzle 550 jeffreyq2 Also, the moves 24-19 and 26-21 can be played in either order.
  6. Puzzle 550 simpaticheski In puzzle of the day 22/6/2019 both 33x2 and 33x4 are winning.
  7. puzzle 1420 jeffreyq2 3: 48-43 and 40-34 are also winning
  8. Automatic capture option Opt-i… archange007 While this is based on lichess code, I would suggest the implementatio…
  9. puzzle 1542 BumperBalloonCars +1.8 is not always winning (if I remember the creator of Scan correctl…
  10. Puzzle 1538 BumperBalloonCars Lots of transpositions and moveorders again here. I missed in one of t…
  11. Puzzle 1512 BumperBalloonCars Agreed, should be winning as well.
  12. Puzzle 1507 BumperBalloonCars Obviously agreed!
  13. Puzzle 1506 BumperBalloonCars Both should be accepted here. The evaluation shows both to be clearly …
  14. Puzzle 1494 BumperBalloonCars Agreed!
  15. Puzzle 1491 BumperBalloonCars Agreed!
  16. Puzzle 475 BumperBalloonCars Funny find, easy to miss unfortunately looking at the possibilities th…
  17. Puzzle 1704 BumperBalloonCars Was already been pointed out by another player, thnx again. It will be…
  18. Puzzle 1643 BumperBalloonCars Agreed! Thnx
  19. How is this a mate BumperBalloonCars Good question @Bobkingmen3 This is because of the rules of the game…
  20. How is this a mate Bobkingmen3 In this game on move 49 there is a forced win in 4 moves. However the …