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  1. Well deserved promotion RoepStoep Nice, thanks! It would be nice to have something like recaps of maj…
  2. Tournaments with increment Frisian Hmmm, while I agree with your point, your evidence is not really signi…
  3. Tournaments with increment Tim I doubt anything will happen because of this, but it's worth a try... …
  4. Well deserved promotion archange007 Well deserved promotion to some draught federation webpage. imgur.c…
  5. Puzzle 5 in Frisian draughts BumperBalloonCars Very interesting and clever find Kalnap! The puzzle will be disabled, …
  6. Puzzle 5 in Frisian draughts kalnap There is an alternative solution, although it is a bit longer, but the…
  7. Lidraughts mobile app xiaofei3 It is really good! I've deleted all my other draughts apps.
  8. Puzzle 535 BumperBalloonCars I've had a lot of doubt about this one, because the two kings seem so …
  9. puzzle 2003 BumperBalloonCars I believe that the difference in evalution here is to big to see this …
  10. Puzzle 577 BumperBalloonCars Agreed, thnx!
  11. Lidraughts mobile app KoningEric Thanks a lot. This is really great!
  12. Automatic capture option Opt-i… KoningEric I strongly agree with this change request. Some players do not want to…
  13. Lidraughts mobile app sasko good job
  14. Lidraughts mobile app RoepStoep The blog post has been updated, the iOs version is now also available …
  15. Change username RoepStoep No, that's not possible
  16. Change username Anoniempje Is it possible to change your username?
  17. [Feature Request] Team Battles RoepStoep Yeah I saw they added that feature, it's nice! That will be added for …
  18. puzzle 2003 jeffreyq2 33-29 and 31-36 are also winning, though the main line is better
  19. Puzzle 577 MF Cavia Not a great puzzle, as 17-22/29-33 is simply winning
  20. Puzzle 535 MF Cavia Not a great puzzle, as 15-20/25-30 will easily win