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  1. GDT Blitz Grand Prix kostasvl Hello everyone! This week from Monday to Sunday there will be a bli…
  2. how to win Mdoo Try to play to the center, build formations and keep your pieces close…
  3. how to win Weisse_Schallplatte I'm a noob too so I can't help you.
  4. how to win noname01 I lost 88 matches . I won no match.I no draws too.Help !
  5. Bots marahonov_dima yes, we need Leela-zero
  6. Bots Weisse_Schallplatte We need more bots here.
  7. vs Lidraughts kalnap @Monsterchip (1) Quantity is not a mark for quality :) I bet if ther…
  8. vs Lidraughts Monsterchip…
  9. GDT Blitz Arena kostasvl Today the GDT hosts a blitz arena at 18:00 UTC open to everyone! Link…
  10. vs Lidraughts Bobkingmen3 @stupididiot Do you think unix is the best OS? How dare you like windo…
  11. vs Lidraughts R3-D3 @LittleJennyWren Me too. XD
  12. vs Lidraughts LittleJennyWren I like Lichess mostly because I prefer chess to draughts😂