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  1. Lidraughts celebrates its firs… revoof Congratulations! I am amazed to see what you accomplished this year.
  2. Frisian puzzle 65 ErzyaKS Frisian puzzle 65 has another way of winning: 2...26-31 3.41x21 16x7 …
  3. puzzle 1420 BumperBalloonCars I will delete or modify the puzzle, thnx. Like this it isn't a good pu…
  4. Lidraughts celebrates its firs… ErzyaKS Way to go guys! Happy birthday!
  5. Frisian puzzle 92 player1 Same here:
  6. Frisian puzzle 92 player1 In move 3, 15-20 for Black is also correct, but the puzzle says its wr…
  7. Scan's endgame skills could an… kalnap Scan evaluates drawn endgame with -6.6 :) Please, see https://lidraugh…
  8. puzzle 1542 BumperBalloonCars That's a great find! It's interesting to see that even Scan has a hard…
  9. Scan's endgame skills could an… kalnap Now you may look also into my study…
  10. puzzle 1542 MI thunderstorm Puzzle 1542 can be solved in two ways: the solution as is, but also 1.…
  11. Scan's endgame skills could an… RoepStoep Nice study, I find such positions to be very difficult (but then again…
  12. Scan's endgame skills could an… kalnap I was testing Scan's endgame technique in International draughts by co…
  13. Puzzle 942 MF Cavia 28-22 iso 28-23 in the end of the line also winning.
  14. Engine analysis gives only one… RoepStoep Scan does not support multipv, so it only gives the best move. Multipv…
  15. Engine analysis gives only one… Finlip Is that the case or can we see multiple lines?
  16. Mistakes in puzzles simpaticheski Puzzle 1079: ( except taking a di…
  17. Mistakes in puzzles simpaticheski In order to organise the forum a bit, I propose to make one dedicated …
  18. Puzzle 550 jeffreyq2 Also, the moves 24-19 and 26-21 can be played in either order.
  19. Puzzle 550 simpaticheski In puzzle of the day 22/6/2019 both 33x2 and 33x4 are winning.
  20. puzzle 1420 jeffreyq2 3: 48-43 and 40-34 are also winning
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Lidraughts celebrates its first birthday

One year of free draughts for everyone!

Scan learns Frisian and Antidraughts

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