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  1. [Feature Request] Team Battles RoepStoep Yeah I saw they added that feature, it's nice! That will be added for …
  2. puzzle 2003 jeffreyq2 33-29 and 31-36 are also winning, though the main line is better
  3. Puzzle 577 MF Cavia Not a great puzzle, as 17-22/29-33 is simply winning
  4. Puzzle 535 MF Cavia Not a great puzzle, as 15-20/25-30 will easily win
  5. [Feature Request] Team Battles kostasvl Lichess implemented it and it's awesome! Watch it there for details an…
  6. Puzzle 1968 BumperBalloonCars yeah, very stupid of me. Thnx!
  7. Puzzle 1628 BumperBalloonCars Agreed, thnx!
  8. Puzzle 1586 BumperBalloonCars Agreed, merci
  9. Puzzle 1548 BumperBalloonCars See:
  10. Puzzle 1435 BumperBalloonCars Both are winning indeed, but here the main line is obviously way bette…
  11. puzzle 1548 BumperBalloonCars Ending up here being up two pieces is a lot better. 23-28 is also winn…
  12. puzzle 723 BumperBalloonCars It seems that all correct moveorders are correct. It's a nice puzzle b…
  13. Puzzle 1414 BumperBalloonCars Agreed, thnx
  14. Puzzle 1968 MF Cavia White can also start with 1.28-22
  15. Puzzle 1628 MF Cavia 1.22-27 is also winning
  16. Puzzle 1586 MF Cavia 1.29-23 is also winning
  17. Puzzle 1548 MF Cavia 1.23-28 is also winning
  18. Puzzle 1435 MF Cavia 43-38 + 48-42 and 43-38 + 38-32 are also winning
  19. Puzzle 1414 MF Cavia 4.27-21 (iso 4.27-22) is also winning
  20. [Feature Request] Arena points… kostasvl So I think a nice idea would be to have a leaderboard of the top 10 te…
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