Italian draughts

Hello everybody. I have a question for the lidraughts team. I see that lidraughts supports different national variants, such as Russian Draughts and Brazilian which are very similar to each other. Why don't you also implement the Italian version of draughts ? It's quite different from the other 8x8 versions and could be interesting. Thank you and bye everyone.

"Dama Italiana" is so much fun, particulaarly, in endgames. Antidraughts according Italian rules are also fascinating.
However, it seems lidraughts team is deaf or silent... We have not received any piece of information on planned upgrades for entire year!
English and Pool variants could be implemented easily; same goes for Tanzanian and Czech variants, Pool variant on 10x10 board, and, let me state clearly, the engine problem should not be treated as an obstacle for allowing to play under less popular set of rules.

Can you maybe show me some examples endgames which are winning in Italian Draughts but would be draw in American Checkers

@HawaiiBlue I guess the most classic example is
White: King on 22, Black: draughtsman on 21; white to move
which is equivalent to
Red/black: King on 10, White: draughtsman on 9; red/black to move

According to English rules, because of opposition red/black king is forced to step aside by move 10-7, leaving white a path for crowning, and it is a draw.
However Italian king ("Dama¨¨') is untouchable (uncapturable) for simple draughtsman ("pedine"), and white is winning with 22-26. Black draughtsman is forced to enter the corner with 21-25, and white king blocks crowning square with 24-29 in the right time, and it is a win.

Similar motif, which illustrates superiority of Italian king:
White king on 16, black draughtsmen on 4 and 8.
According to Italian rules, white king can move 16-12, creating opposition to black. Black is forced to sacrifice a draughtsman for a draw¨: 4-7.
If you had similar position in English draughts, you would lose, because English king can't stop these two draughtsmen from crowning.

I'll check it out ! Uncapturable King is an incredibly clever rule

It would be highly appreciated if somebody could mention what problems exists for the implementation of the Italian (and English) variant, considering that Russian and Brasilian ones have been up and running since several years so far.