Russian games not available for play with the computer

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When will Russian games be available for play with the computer?

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@HUGOGEORGE Why one should be interested in games against computer in so called "Russian" draughts variant (better say, Petrov or Petrovian draughts, because famous Alexander Petrov didn't dare to call it as "Russian")? It is so largely solved that any real life ELO 1900 can draw even against the most high rated engine in the world!
There are already many applications where this non-competitive variant is presented for a play against engine, and you might try to play in browser, for example, old time Aurora Borealis: .
However, regarding your main question, the answer is NEVER. We don't need draughts engines for non-competitive variants.

@kalnap for you many variants seem to be non-competitive: Frisian is "forced", Draughts-64 is "drawish". Which ones do you like to play against a computer?

First of all, 8x8 board should be almost left to kids and beginners, 10x10 can be a standard for intermediate players, but 8x10 board AND 10x8 board should become a standard for elimination of draws in online games. 12x12 and 14x14 are the best for national, continental and international championship, provided that it is played under competitive variant, as given below.
My preferences:
· Flying king variants - Argentinian, Thai, Czech, Tanzanian, South German and any mixture which implies Hoogland king's rule (= king can take enemy king also by ORTHOGONAL capturing).
· Non-flying king variants - North American and Italian.
· Orthogonal variants: Armenian (because it is more aggressive than Turkish, btw), Greek (more strategic than Turkish), Turkish - under condition that two horizontal move repetition by simple draughtsman is not allowed.

+ There are good FUN-TO-PLAY variants that can attract MORE players:
(a) Stavropol draughts: a game that combines features from both "regular draughts" and "antidraughts": 8x8 board, "Russian" rules + particularity: a player can make move by any piece of opponent (including capturing!). Fun is ALWAYS ENSURED!
Examples: ; .
(b) DOUBLE MOVE variants, for example Celtic draughts (English rules, with exception that a player must ALWAYS make double move, but if he or she fails to do, he or she is lost):

I've already played some of those weird russian variants, they are (very!!!) fun to play, but I'm not sure wether Stavropol Draughts is good for competitive play

@HawaiiBlue Stavropol is a good choice for championship between tacticians, and I dare to say that non-amateurish Stavropol demands more time for calculation than chess.

By the way, it is interesting to notice that these who demand engines for Russian or Brazilian, tend to show only temporary activity... :) It is why anyone should question if their request is sincere.

@kalnap that tends to happen for most people who often post non quality stuff in formus