russian draughts program/bot

Hello, does anyone know if in Lidraughts there's 64 draughts Bot? If no, how can I create it?

Hi! i'm trying to find an engine that correspond to my computer and which support brazilian and russian :) When i'll find one, i'll put it into my bot account @ttbot
If anyone know such engines, let me know!


Thanks @kalnap !
Unluckily, Kallisto doesn't work on the client i use for lidraughts bot...
Thanks for the link! What is the language of the code? i know how to code Html and css and a little python, but very basically...

(1) Kallisto4.rar contains some engines in the subdirectories: go to Engines -> src and extract rar files in separate folders.
KestoG_1_4_Moscow is written in C++
SiDra_2 is written in C++
SkiFi_0_39 is written in Delphi or Object Oriented Pascal

+ look at subdirectory ED : therein you will find EdAcess.rar archive which contains a function which allows to use endgame tablebases which can be generated by Kallisto.
It is
void __stdcall GetEGDB_imp(EdAccess **eda)

You can generate endgame tablebases manually, by running exe file from subdirectories which are located in separate directories after ED (Kallisto, Kallisto Brazil, Kallisto Checkers, Kallisto Pool etc.) "Kallisto " and "Kallisto Checkers loosers" are under "Russian rules"!

Ask any experienced C++ programmer for a help...

(2) As for FreeBasic code, it can be explored easily, because it is very well documented:

(3) You might like to explore some python codes in . Some of them are written for playing under English rules, but some may be written for playing under Russian rules.

(4) uses JavaScript combined with HTML and CSS for running all sorts of draughts variants, so you might consider it as well (just open the html file by ctrl + u when you select your preferred variant).

(1) Oh yes i missed that thanks! But there aren't any .exe documents, only the code... Do you know how to convert them in executable document?
(2) Thanks! i'll look into that :)
(3) Oh yes thanks i'll look on this for sure!
(4) Thanks a lot, it will be very useful for me!

Regarding (1): If you want them to be executable, you need to compile them by using specified compiler. However, because they contain many useless lines, you need to modify the code so that you can transfer final result (move or evaluation) on basis of position to the bot. Because, here in lidraughts, FEN is used, you will need to insert some code for processing FEN strings. rhalbersma ( ) had made a template library which contains processing of FEN strings, so you will need to adapt it for 8x8 board.
It is why I recommend you to find some C++ programmer, and I believe there should be some among lidraughts players.