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Game Analysis - Game analisys for 'over the board' games#1

Hello. I played some match 'over the board' using my phone with my friend and I want to make scan analysis of this match but I don't see such option. Is there such possibility?

General Draughts Discussion - how to be consistent?#5

my rating is fluctuating like 200 points, depending on my mood, game speed, concentration on game etc so its totally normal.

General Draughts Discussion - Beginner question - When to resign#9

For me I forfait immediately after lossing 2 pieces against someone with rating as me or higher. or 1 piece against someone with rating of +250points. I dont bother playing with masters on 400+ rating…

Lidraughts Feedback - Option to start game 'From a position is greyed out'#1

Hello I dont know if this is intended behaviour. I popped board editor and put some pieces on it but option to start game is greyed out for Russian. Works fine for classic mode. Thanks