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Lidraughts Feedback - Mistakes in puzzles#230

Not a mistake but in puzzle I would like to see black react with 20. ... 19-23 instead of giving away a piece with 20-24. I understand 20-24 is the response from a…

MN Finkeltje
Lidraughts Feedback - Mistakes in puzzles#224

In puzzle white has three choices for capture at move 9 of the puzzle. I chose 3x2, which this site says is incorrect. All three possible captures are easily winni…

MN Finkeltje
HDC - HDC forum#3

Maandag kwam ik om acht uur op Lidraughts en ik kon het toernooi niet vinden. Ik denk dat er minstens één iemand ingeschreven en online moet zijn op het moment dat het toernooi begint. Als dat niet zo…

MN Finkeltje
General Draughts Discussion - Beginner question - When to resign#7

Playing until you have no pieces left is something only beginners and children do. It is a waste of your and your opponent's time to continue playing a game which you will clearly lose. The difficulty…

MN Finkeltje
Lidraughts Feedback - Mistakes in puzzles#125

Is there a search function for the forum? The search icon in the top right of the site seems to be able to find usernames only and the advanced search function finds games. A search function is way mo…

MN Finkeltje
General Draughts Discussion - What's new on lidraughts#2

Great to see the new features! I haven't seen any live broadcasts, but I've watched some of Wouter's streams and simuls with commentary. I liked those and I think they really contribute to the lidrau…

MN Finkeltje
Lidraughts Feedback - Mistakes in puzzles#82

Puzzle 1438: 33-29 39-33 30x50 38-32 48-43 also wins After being told 33-29 was not the correct move, I continued looking and found the intended solution, which is very nice. I didn't see that aft…

MN Finkeltje
Lidraughts Feedback - Tournaments with increment#7

Has the distribution of tournaments with and without increment already been changed? I thought there were only 3+2 standard tournaments at 14:00 and 20:00 CET (besides those at times that most Europe…

MN Finkeltje