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4 posts found

Lidraughts Feedback - Bullet is maybe too fast #7

I totally agree with Tim. The players have the same conditions and it's still important to be agile.

by MI Malacia
General Draughts Discussion - Antidraughts inaugural tournament #14

I played against MI Thunderstorm a few games antidraughts 3+0. It's really fast. I think 5+0 is a better time control.

by MI Malacia
Lidraughts Feedback - Lidraughts official draughts titles #19

@Hangrad Unfortunately online there is no possiblity to check the games with an engine. You can watch the games without analyzes on Another option is to buy the program Turbo Dam…

by MI Malacia
Lidraughts Feedback - Lidraughts official draughts titles #16

In my opinion it’s better to hide the official titles in Frisian draughts. For example: my skills in Frisian draughts are terrible.

by MI Malacia