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3 posts found

Lidraughts Feedback - Tournaments with increment #6

It would be interesting a time increment only in the final 10s for each player, a 2s increment, for example, I think is fairer.

by Odelschwanck
Lidraughts Feedback - Automatic capture option Opt-in Oput-out #8

I believe I should have some option in the tools where you can enable automatic capture, where you could just in case compulsorily capture pieces when there are no other capture options, on the issue …

by Odelschwanck
General Draughts Discussion - Scan learns Frisian and Antidraughts #9

I am trying to learn a bit of antidrauhts, but some concepts are very advanced and not intuitive, I need to analyze more, so much so that I created a study about, however, master marahonov is the only…

by Odelschwanck