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Lidraughts Feedback - New pieces sets #9

The Frisianovsky pieces have been added!

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - New pieces sets #8

With them being a variation on fabirovsky pieces there would be three piece sets that come in two variants, I think that's ok. I've created a screenshot with the frisianovsky pieces on the board edito…

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - Site increase #2

Practically all physical draughts events are cancelled due to this pandemic, so everything moves online. That has surely given a big boost to the amount of players. A clear growth was already visible …

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - New pieces sets #6

Great, I will include the 8-bit pieces in the next server update, they will likely be available tomorrow morning. Frisian (pompeblêd) pieces are a nice idea too, I will try them out on the board la…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Tournaments with increment #19

Alternating the daily superblitz with increment is not a bad idea at all. It is the most frequent of the bigger tournaments and is an odd one out anyway. There's no daily superblitz on thursday and fr…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - New pieces sets #3

I think the kings with crown look best, as they stand out more. I've moved the men a bit lower so they align better with the other pieces. I think they look good: If you…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Using Lidraughts for managing a team championship and broadcast it ? #4

Ok, I understand. There is currently no way I can think of to group games like that, at least not while they are in play. The 'current games' page only shows the 9 highest rated games, so that is not …

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - simultaan #3

Simuls are cleaned up after a while when they are abandoned by the host (i.e. host gost offline or leaves the lobby for too long), but as long as the host stays the simul will persist. The host decide…

by RoepStoep
Game Analysis - (?)can't succeed to have the same board analyse for two players simultaneously #2

You can get a shared analysis board by creating a study: Then you can invite people to your study and make them contributor if you want, so they can also make moves on …

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Finding active ongoing tournaments #2

On the homepage it shows upcoming tournaments and active tournaments that are less than 2/3 done, so it depends on how long a tournament has been running. I think the best way to find active tourna…

by RoepStoep