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119 posts found

Nederlands - Toernooi met maximum rating #2

Er worden momenteel niet standaard toernooien met rating limiet ingepland omdat we dan te veel toernooien tegelijk hebben lopen. Hopelijk wordt dat in de toekomst wel haalbaar als het gemiddelde aanta…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Tournaments with increment #8

Yes @Finkeltje, the change was made before the weekend. Every three hour block now has one blitz tournament with increment and one without (except with overlapping daily/weekly/etc). Why not more t…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Well deserved promotion #2

Nice, thanks! It would be nice to have something like recaps of major tournament in the blog. Those take time and skill to write though...

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Tournaments with increment #5

We can always consider more tournaments with increment, moving closer towards a 50/50 division seems fair. A downside of longer timecontrols is that you need more players to have a fun tournament (nob…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Automatic capture option Opt-in Oput-out #11

Thanks for your input everyone! There are two separate issues at play here. One is the option to play full capture sequences at once, and the other is the way the moves/captures are executed on the bo…

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - Lidraughts mobile app #2

The blog post has been updated, the iOs version is now also available for download in the App Store:

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - Change username #2

No, that's not possible

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - [Feature Request] Team Battles #2

Yeah I saw they added that feature, it's nice! That will be added for sure on lidraughts as well.

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - checkers-64 #3

Welcome chessplayer3333! Thanks for the suggestions. Adding variants on an 8x8 board is not a trivial matter. Besides that it is far from easy to support different boardsizes in the same framework,…

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - Lidraughts celebrates its first birthday #6

Thanks, cheers!

by RoepStoep