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127 posts found

Lidraughts Feedback - Frisian puzzle 92 #5

We disabled the puzzle a long time ago, it doesn't show up in training anymore (you can tell by up/down voting at the end of the puzzle being unavailable). It still exists in the database though, so y…

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - i got warned for sandbagging :( #2

Don't worry, it is usually very clear if games are lost on purpose or by accident, you won't get autobanned that easily.

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Ratings #2

Puzzle ratings work the same as any other rating on lidraughts, so the question mark means your rating is provisional. Every glicko2 rating has a rating deviation that expresses its uncertainty, which…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Claiming a draw in a draw endgame #2

Interesting, I didn't know there is a rule about that. If its in both the KNDB and FMJD regulations, we should consider adding it here as well. The caveat is in the 'provided that no direct win ca…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - repeating puzzles #4

It should be fixed now

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - Scan learns Frisian and Antidraughts #13

It might help to go to Preferences, and set 'Board coordinates' to 'Inside the board'

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Tournaments with increment #12

The two 1+1 bullet tournaments indeed overlap with the 3+2 blitz. I agree it makes more sense to move them one hour earlier, and instead have the Frisian/1+0 bullet in the 3+2 blitz hour. As a bonus I…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Tournaments with increment #10

You mean the simultaneous 3+2 blitz and 1+1 bullet tournaments?

by RoepStoep
Nederlands - Toernooi met maximum rating #2

Er worden momenteel niet standaard toernooien met rating limiet ingepland omdat we dan te veel toernooien tegelijk hebben lopen. Hopelijk wordt dat in de toekomst wel haalbaar als het gemiddelde aanta…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Tournaments with increment #8

Yes @Finkeltje, the change was made before the weekend. Every three hour block now has one blitz tournament with increment and one without (except with overlapping daily/weekly/etc). Why not more t…

by RoepStoep