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88 posts found

General Draughts Discussion - New Frisian Team #2

I'm in, got too many Frisian correspondence games going not to join

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Bug correspondence game #2

Has been cleared up, closing the thread

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - puzzle 602 #5

Nice to see you posting here Fabien To add to @Faraday's question, when you run Scan in the browser on the lidraughts analysis boards, no tablebases are used (too large to download and run locally)…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Draughts 8x8 #8

@Shapiro I think you also send an e-mail to I send a reply there with the missing Portuguese translations if you'd like to help out

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - advertising #8

That's great :) I'm curious how popular draughts is in Ukraine? I have no idea to be honest

by RoepStoep
General Draughts Discussion - Conditional moves #2

Does that happen in every game / position @Bobbymanski? Conditional moves still work fine for me!

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - [Feature Suggestion] Bughouse draughts #5

"Crazydraughts" I like it :p

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - 2 improvements #12

It's a matter of preference, others enjoy the aspect of having to manage your clock as well. Hopefully there is a better balance between the two with the tournament timecontrols that were recently add…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - Bugs and error reports #9

"Otherwise stop matchmaking in the last minutes." - This already happens, matchmaking stops as soon as it is not realistic anymore to be able to finish a game (exact length depends on the tournament t…

by RoepStoep
Lidraughts Feedback - [Feature Suggestion] Bughouse draughts #2

Pfew, bughouse draughts, has anyone ever played that? Also crazyhouse draughts crossed my mind, hard to judge if those would be good games though. You could use the same rules that Crazyhouse/Bugho…

by RoepStoep