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22 posts found

Lidraughts Feedback - Puzzle 359 #2

Almost all moves are winning, so I don't think it's a great puzzle.

by Tim
Lidraughts Feedback - Puzzle 276 #3

After 19-23 white can also capture two pieces using the piece on square 30. Unlike in Frysian, in regular draughts you're not forced to take with the king if a man and a king can capture the same numb…

by Tim
General Draughts Discussion - puzzle 449 #3

And 5. ... 14-20 in puzzle 508

by Tim
General Draughts Discussion - puzzle 449 #2

Hijacking this thread to say that in puzzle 503 4. ... 13-19 is also winning

by Tim
General Draughts Discussion - puzzle 602 #2

There's something weird going on here. If you play 21. 15-33 instead of 15-42 then Scan will indicate that the value of the position is 0 and that the best move is 16-27, no matter how long you let it…

by Tim
Lidraughts Feedback - [Feature Suggestion] Bughouse draughts #3

Crazyhouse draughts is played a lot at youth tournaments, or at least when I competed, under the name "doorgeefdammen". As far as I remember, we only ever allowed captured pieces to be dropped on your…

by Tim
Lidraughts Feedback - Bullet is maybe too fast #25

"That argument only applies to bullet and faster, which is for a large(r) part a dexterity game. With longer timecontrols there is no need for dexterity, and things are more or less the same either wa…

by Tim
Lidraughts Feedback - Bullet is maybe too fast #19

"I am not sure auto-captures would be an improvement. I remember playing with auto-captures but don't recall having anything for or against it." I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I str…

by Tim
Lidraughts Feedback - 2 improvements #4

"We can add some variation in the current schedule, e.g. alternate 3+0 with 3+2 timecontrols." This sounds like a good idea.

by Tim
General Draughts Discussion - puzzle 467 #2


by Tim