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Lidraughts Feedback - Mistakes in puzzles#148

Why you always disable good puzzles? you cant modify/fix it? That is why i never report them.

Game Analysis - Scan - wrong evaluation#7

Ah I see, thanks for explanation! Now all make sense. But maybe in the analyses the rule of repetition (or any other 15 moves without moving pieces etc) should not be taken on board. As it can mak…

Game Analysis - Scan - wrong evaluation#5

Thanks for the study, will have a look. But in this case Scan missing simple one move shot - one for two. And evaluating it as a draw. Its no complicated must be some serious bug in the program en…

Game Analysis - Scan - wrong evaluation#3

Hi kalnap, Not sure if my link worked to show right moment. Can you check game 59 and move 82 for white. in below study Scan missing simple shot, maybe it so…

Game Analysis - Scan - wrong evaluation#1

Hello Notice this kind of bugs few times already. for one move Scan show 0 evaluation draw and just move later realized its lost. I noticed similar problems in different positions before. https…

General Draughts Discussion - Russian Draughts#17

Nice point superNewb. I also never head of the rule like this. in Poland draw is called after 25 moves without moving a piece. Here you need to think not only if the endgame is win but also when…

General Draughts Discussion - Russian Draughts#5

Just a liitlle error. I had lost position wanted to examine my oponent from Petrov triangle but altomated draw was called. I think its a mistake.