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General Draughts Discussion - Purchasing 10x10 set#5

@vercrg I am located in North America, which might make it more difficult to find a set that doesn't need to be shipped overseas, since 10x10 draughts isn't very common here. @kalnap Thank you for …

General Draughts Discussion - Purchasing 10x10 set#1

Does anyone know if there is somewhere online where I can purchase a standard 10x10 draughts set, like you would see in a tournament? I haven't found much from looking myself.

Lidraughts Feedback - Are there any more features planned for lidraughts?#3

There would be too many to list here, but I would include English, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish draughts among the more popular variants not already on lidraughts. I'm not an expert so there may be m…

Lidraughts Feedback - Are there any more features planned for lidraughts?#1

I was wondering if there are any plans to add more features or variants in the future, or is development of the site considered complete at this point? I noticed that there haven't been any blog posts…

General Draughts Discussion - Is there a discord server for lidraughts?#2

There is one here The discord isn't very active though.

General Draughts Discussion - Variety#4

English and Spanish checkers were just added to, which has the same interface as lidraughts. There are going to be introductory tournaments this weekend.…

Lidraughts Feedback - 2 variants that would be a great variant for Lidraughts#12

I was looking at the scan engine and it seems like it supports killer draughts. Since scan supports it would killer draughts be considered as a variant t…

Lidraughts Feedback - puzzle difficulty selection#1

On Lichess there was an update some time ago to the puzzles which added a difficulty selector that allowed the user to adjust the difficulty of puzzles by selecting from five different settings. The d…