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5 posts found

General Draughts Discussion - puzzle 449 #1

after 24-29, 20x40, 23-28 and 18x40, the moves 14-20 and 13-18 is also possible instead of 13-18 first and then 14-20

by jeffreyq2
General Draughts Discussion - puzzle 759 #1

24-29 is also winning

by jeffreyq2
General Draughts Discussion - puzzle 602 #1

the final position in puzzle 602 leads to what seems to a drawn endgame. I got a draw from that position against ai level 8 at least.

by jeffreyq2
General Draughts Discussion - tactics puzzle 370 #2

after 39-24, 18-12, 25-30 and 7-11 lead to a winning position. after 25-30 my analysis program says that after 29-23 white is better

by jeffreyq2
Game Analysis - Is this really a draw? #2

Not at all. White could give away two kings and still have a winning position. If you put one on 50, one on 45, one on 39 and one on 34, you can always capture the black king, regardless of where it's…

by jeffreyq2