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General Draughts Discussion - Checkers is soo hard#3

I guess the main difficulty is that to think of a combination is totally different than to think strategically . There is no clear target ( a piece is a piece) , variation look quite similar but a…

FFJD Blitz 2020 - Ronde n°1#33

sur le site fmjd il y a l'onglet all lives , donc je pense il est pas nécessaire d'annoncer les résultats ^^

FFJD Blitz 2020 - Ronde n°1#28

gagné contre dammeur

FFJD Blitz 2020 - Ronde n°1#14

présent ^^

Lidraughts Feedback - Draughts 8x8#3

not exactly Redscales, it would be Brazilian draught and it has some popularity (on playok there is more player playing 8*8 than 10*10) So I think the idea is a good one (he is not the first askin…

Lidraughts Feedback - New Variant Idea#2

Maybe but I would guess the 5 kings position will happen to always stay the same: at the backrank since it is the safest place for a king There are variation that are known and played around the w…

Lidraughts Feedback - Draughts AI difficulty levels#4

nice!I bet you can beat level 2 with more practice . I can draw sometimes scan level 8 (about 1 in five games) but to win is way beyond my reach