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General Draughts Discussion - can anyone please tell me how to play draughts?#2

I cannot comment on Brazillian or other flavours, as I only play international draughts or standard draughts. But you play 15seconds and 1 min games... There is no game at 15s. There is no point com…

General Draughts Discussion - Green arrows and grips appear in my STUDIES#2

right click for circles, and right click and move de mouse for the arrows

General Draughts Discussion - Why can't i win?#2

I had a look at your last game. Basic combinations (1 deep) are not seen and that is very normal for a beginner. If you want to play this game I would start looking at these basic combination. The…

Game Analysis - My Best Game Ever!#10

What about move #5 : There is better than 43-38