Christmas Marathon 2021 - You are all invited.

Christmas Marathon 2021

We are pleased to announce the Christmas Marathon 2021. Last year was a great and successful tournament with a lot of exciting games. This year will be the same (or maybe even better) with some minor change in the tournament format. This tournament is open to all player from all countries.

Tournament format :
--> 2 phases: Qualification phase (2 days) and Last-run phase (4 days).

--> Qualification phase: Dec. 4 and Dec. 5, 2021(from 3-5 pm Eastern Time)
Time control: 1+1
Pairing system: Lidraughts Arena
Points based on ranking: Each day: 60 points for 1st place, 59 for 2nd place, ..., 1 points for 60th place.
The top 60 players with more total points after the 2-day Qualification phase will qualify for the last phase of the tournament: The Last-run phase.

--> Last Run: Dec. 11 and Dec. 26, 2021 (from 3-5 pm Eastern Time)
Time control: 1+1
Pairing system: Lidraughts Arena
Survival system: Each day, the last 10 players will get eliminated.
- Dec 11: Player ranked from 51 to 60 will get eliminated.
- Dec 12: Player ranked from 41 to 50 will get eliminated.
- Dec 18: Player ranked from 31 to 40 will get eliminated.
- Dec 19: Player ranked from 21 to 30 will get eliminated.
- Dec 25: Player ranked from 11 to 20 will get eliminated.
- Dec 26: Last run: The top 3 on that day players will get prize money.

Prize pool:
1st: 300 USD / 2nd: 200 USD / 3rd: 100 USD

No registration fee.
Just join and play. The link to join the tournament will be posted below very soon.

Best of luck to everyone.

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