qualification tournaments for World Championships 2024

Dear draughts players,

You will doubtless know that the next Frisian Draughts World Championships will be held this summer (16 to 24 August) in the town of Harns/Harlingen. 16 people will participate in that WC.

There are still six places available for the WC. To fill these, two more online qualification tournaments will be held, both at Lidraughts.

The first qualification tournament is quite soon: Fridays and Saturdays 17, 18, 24 and 25 May, with a finals on Sunday May 26. In the four preliminary rounds (17/18/24/25 May) there are always three places for the finals to be won. In such a way, there will be a total of 12 finalists on 26 May. Those twelve finalists will play for 3 places for the World Cup.

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to participate must first register with the WFD Team at Lidraughts. This is not always possible right before the tournament, so you should not wait too long, if you are not yet a member of Team WFD. The registration must be approved first (which takes some time), and only then can you sign up for the qualification tournament.

Who cannot participate?

People who have already been placed cannot participate. These are Aleksej Domchev, Auke Zijlstra, Tsjerk Wijbenga, Marten Walinga, Łukasz Kosobudzki, Fedde Kramer, Hein de Vries, Jelle Wiersma, Taeke Kooistra and Petra Dušková.

In the second place, people who qualified earlier but withdrew for whatever reason, cannot qualify again. This holds true for Foeke Tiemensma, Cor Kooistra, Fedde Wiersma and Henk Haanstra.

In the third place: the eight players for the Frisian championships of 2024 cannot participate either, because with the Frisian championship they had an extra opportunity to qualify. This applies only to Pieter Hoogterp and Siebe Walinga (others having already qualified).

Then: players who, for example, qualify on 17 May for the finals, can no longer participate in the preliminary rounds of 18, 25 and 26 May. The same principle also applies to those who qualify for the finals on 18 and 25 May.

Tournament Rules

The tournament rules are on Lidraughts (see the link below). The thinking time is 8 minutes + 10 seconds (Fischer) for each player. All tournaments last 3 hours. The first 7 rounds count for the final result.

A request from our side: register on time, preferably no later than one hour before the tournament starts. Please also keep playing for the entire duration of tournament.

Finally: it is important to stay online for a while after the tournament, because sometimes there are playoffs to be played. In the event of an equal number of points, a play-off will always be played when it comes to the finals places. We prefer to do the barrage immediately after each round, but in any case we want to be able to make agreements about it immediately. In addition, it sometimes happens that participants do not play completely fair (we experienced this once with a participant from the Ukraine), and then we have to adjust the outcome. So stay online for a while until we officially announce the results!

For more information: see the links to Lidraughts and to our website.

preliminary round 1 - 17 May:
preliminary round 2 - 18 May:
preliminary round 3 - 24 May:
preliminary round 4 - 25 May:

finals 26 May:

Still any questions? Call Marten (06-34561133) or Liuwe (06-30837586)

Best regards, see you behind the screen or behind the board,

Liuwe Westra

PS After this qualification tournament, one more online qualification tournament will be held for the last 3 places from 7 to 16 June.

PPS On Saturday 6 July there will be another live tournament in Groningen, organized by Fries in Grunn.

Results of the qualification round of 17 May

Kanstantsin Nord 14
Folkert Groenveld 12
Mikhail Batunin 11

Patrick Casaril 10
Willem Hoekstra 9
Malte Schulz 9
Edwin Guzman 8
Prince Tagro 8
Ties Slagter 6
Porter Richardson 5
Herre Klaas IJkema 4
Sergej Korchitskij 2
Menno Kamminga 2
Miguel Martins Januário 0
Vladislav Koblevsky 0

Kanstantsin, Folkert and Mikhail have qualified for the finals on 26 May. They CANNOT participate in the tournaments of 18, 24 and 25 May. They will receive a password for the finals after the fourth qualification round.

Thank you all for playing and tomorrow, there will be another opportunity to win a place in the finals!


Dear players,

Please observe the following rules for tonight’s and the following tournaments.

1) Stop playing after 8 rounds. Reason: you have 7 rounds to influence the results; one more round is advisable in case of a cheater.

2) Go on playing until at least 7 rounds, also if a top three result is out of your research. By withdrawing, you frustrate the other players’ chances in an unfair way.

3) If you now for SURE that you cannot participate in August, then do not particate now or in any of the following qualifications either. If you reach the finals, we will have to replace you, and that is a lot of unnecessary trouble.

4) Stay online until the announcement of the official results immediately after the tournament. Even if you think you do not qualify for the finals, it might be the case that someone else is removed for cheating, and that a play-off is necessary after all.

5) If you qualify for a play-off and we are unable to communicate with you immediately after the tournament, your absence may be treated as a withdrawal.

On behalf of the Board of the WFD Foundation,

Liuwe Westra

Official results of the qualification round of 18 May 2024

1 Edwin Guzman, 14 points
2 Porter Richardson, 10
3 Malte Schulz, 8+1

4 Ties Slagter, 8+0
5 Willem Schaap, 4
6 Herre Klaas IJkema, 4
7 Cas Schaapveld, 2
8 Miguel Martins Januário Jr, 2
9 Menno Kamminga, 2
10 Andrea Bellucci, 0
11 Prince Tagro, 0
12 Thobian de Groot, 0

Edwin Guzman, Porter Richardson en Malte Schulz thus qualified for the finals of 26 May.

Official results of the qualification round of 24 May 2024

Patrick Casaril, 12 points
Herre Klaas IJkema, 8 points
Ties Slagter, 7 + 1 point

Willem Hoekstra, 7 + 0 points
Cas Schaapveld, 2 points
Menno Kamminga, 0 points

Patrick Casaril, Herre Klaas IJkema and Ties Slagter thus qualified for the finals of 26 May.

Official results of the qualification round of 25 May 2024

Willem Hoekstra, 14 points
Klaas Leijenaar, 2 points
Menno Kamminga, 2 points

Cas Schaapveld, 2 points (did not participate in the play-offs)Willem Hoekstra, 14 points

Willem Hoekstra, Klaas Leijenaar and Menno Kamminga thus qualified for the finals of 26 May.

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