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Draughts titles.

Asked by MatthewPro777
Tags tittles
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What is all draughts titles? Today I found guy with title MI here.
2 Answers
Answered by RoepStoep
All the titles you can get in draughts, both national and international, with their abbreviations:

GMI - International Grandmaster
MI - International Master
MF - FMJD Master

GMN - National Grandmaster
MN - National Master
cMN - Candidate National Master

GMIF - Woman International Grandmaster
MIF - Woman International Master
MFF - Woman FMJD Master

MNF - Woman National Master
cMNF - Woman Candidate National Master

The abbreviations come from the french, to make things a bit more confusing. For example an International Master in french is Maitre International, so the abbreviation is MI.
Answered by Elastichold
International Master is MI in draughts.

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