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Flip horizontally option

Tags ghana
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Can you introduce "flip horizontally" option and also an option for maximum capturing for other international players
5 Answers
Answered by RoepStoep
If you mean to flip the board horizontally, you can. In games you see a 'flip board' icon op the top left of the notation field. On the analysis board you can go to the menu on the bottom right, and click 'flip board' there.

I don't understand what you mean with an option for maximum capturing.
Answered by MANKILLER
I meant "maximum capturing" shouldn't be compulsory.. So there should be an option where you can select/tick for that
RoepStoep commented :
You mean that it wouldn't be compulsory to play the longest capture sequence on the board? That is not an option, as "maximum capturing" in this sense is simply part of the rules for international draughts
general commented :
I understand that "longest sequence capture" is one of the rules for international draughts. However, there are other variants which has not been implemented by the scan engine. The variant I am talking about is played in Ghana and other countries with the rule where that option is decided by the side capturing. You can decide to capture 1 or 2 or any number of pieces that falls in line depending on the logic.
I know that the option of capturing maximum pieces is built into the database and evaluation logics.
Is it possible to create a database for that option where we could deactivate the international maximum capturing?
I am trying to develop that application but am running into logic problems.
Your comments will be very much appreciated.
Answered by MANKILLER
There is a chess game called " checkers 10*10 " which has the same background as our board. It has a " flip horizontally " option which flips the main diagonal from the left to the right.. So I was just wondering if that option could be introduced here cos there are a lot of countries that play draught with the diagonal on the right side of the board instead of the conventional left side of the board. Thanks
RoepStoep commented :
So you mean to invert the colors of the board, as if you were playing on the white squares? It is part of the rules of international draughts that you play on the dark squares, while the long diagonal runs from bottom left to top right. This can be found in the fmjd regulations secions 2.2 and 2.4 at
Answered by MANKILLER
Nope... Just rotating the board at 90 degrees. You will still be playing on the dark squares. But with the main diagonal running from the bottom right to the top left. Anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time always to reply my posts
RoepStoep commented :
I understand, so the board would be mirrored horizontally. I guess in some places people are used to playing with the board like that? As far as I can tell you would be playing the same game, as long as you mirror your moves as well. The numbers for the squares would also need to be mirrored, to keep notation consistent, etc. While not impossible, I do think it would be very confusing to have two different views on the same game this way. And there is the issue that the correct positioning of the board is in the FMJD rules & regulations, as play on black with the long diagonal from bottom left to top right
Answered by MANKILLER
I will like to send you an image(snap shot) depicting what I have been talking about.. If possible an email address
RoepStoep commented :
You can always send an email to

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