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Approximately how many players (total) are on

Asked by YourKingIsInCheckers
Tags lidraughts players
Activity Viewed 664 times, last updated
I was just curious and wanted some information about the site.
YourKingIsInCheckers commented :
This is probably off topic, but I just noticed you can spam your browser's "reload" button and gain views on your own question. You can spam as much as you like, but only gain as much as 5 views after you've reloaded the page 5 times.
3 Answers
Answered by RoepStoep
The total amount of registered accounts is 1893 at the moment. The amount of active players seems to be somewhere around 100-200 each week. Let's hope this will grow indeed!
Answered by YourKingIsInCheckers
Thanks. Hopefully that number will grow quickly!

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