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This Team is for 🛠 Testing 🛠 some Team Stuffs on

🔨 If you are a Developer, it will great if you join. So in team chat, please provide the nescessary details to prove that you are a Developer. All are free to join! 🔨

_________ Testing Stuffs _________

SwastikNaskar - 1 gmail
SwastikNaskar01 - 1 gmail
AnonymousChessKing - 1 gmail
GrandMastersofIndia - 1 googlemail
TheChessMastet-v2 - no mail class account
AnonChessKingBOT - 1 googlemail
AnonChessKing-v2 - 1 googlemail
AnonymousChessKing-v - fake account
AnonymousChessKing-2 - fake account
AnonymousChessKing-3 - fake account
NihalSarin2OO4 - other's account access
ChessLamborghini - outlook account
AnonymousNewAccount - yahoo account
LIDRAUGHTS-001 - gmail account
Bitan_123 - relative access account
PawnsCantReverse - googlemail
NorwayChess2021 - gmail
Fischy-The-Vishy - googlemail
HighBuilder - no mail class account
MintSquirrel - no mail class account
Kolkata-Knight-Rider - rediffmail account
MWwwwWM - fake mail
PUSPA-TheRise - outlook account
HyperBullletCrazyPla - fake mail -

Mriganka Kundu RegalGuideHornet pdsrcuu
Ayush Singh MintSquirrel 22kbari
Soham Roy ComicPenguin mvky48w
Arghya Ghosh HighBuilder hifjfwq
Aritra Chatterjee NotJoker 8oppa


LITERALLY JUST LITERALLY each and every day someone makes an account and starts populating Ultrabullet Leaderboards. As per TOS, populating leaderboards with multiple accounts is against it.

Take for example this game,
In this game, an ultrabullet player who plays 40+ moves with others just loses his time in 4 moves? Anyone can recognise that both are multiple accounts of same owner. Not only those 2 accounts, there are around 10+ accounts which are made everyday to populate leaderboards and sandbag higher rated players.

I request to check each and every ultrabullet player's profile before accepting their challenge or getting played with them.

As well as I request our Moderators @BumperBalloonCars and @RoepStoep to please take a look over it.


more than 400 cm
less than 20 cm

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