2nd Anniversary Open Play-Off

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Only for those qualified for the play-off phase of 2nd Anniversary OPEN tournament.
As a reminder, this year, it's a Double Elimination Play-Offs format. This means, one player has to lose two challenges to get eliminated from the tournament.
Link to the 2 brackets:

- Tournament games start at 3:00 pm (EDT).
- You are expected to join the correct group well ahead of time. Otherwise you will not have access tou join the tournament. Th9e access groups assignement will be announces at least 20 hours before the round start. This give you plenty of time to solve technical issues if any.
- You are expected to join the tournaments room as soon as possible... You are encourage to do so many hours before the start time for the games. This will avoid delay and loss of games for not showing up at 3h00 pm.
- It is a 10-game challenge. The player who is leading in score cannot just decide to stop the challenge before the 10 games are played. The players who is losing can decide to stop, and he resign the other games in the set. For instance, is score is 11 vs 1 (the player whose score is 11 cannot decide to stop... but the player whose score is 1 may continue or stop, and if he stops, the final score is 19-1 as if he resigns all the remaining games of the 10-game set.
- At 3h00 pm edt, a player not present loses the game. I encourage you to be in the room 5 min or 10 min before the time, to ensure a smooth run of the event. Please no direct link or invite link (exception was made the first day. You are expected to get used to joining a group and a tournament with access control).
- Double eliminination format: if you face a second defeat, you are eliminated... in any other case, you have another chance to play and eventually win the tournament.

May the best win, be on time, ahead of timr and have fun.