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This is the official group of CHECKMATE COIN. Here tournaments will be organised in which every player can receive CHECKMATE COIN, a virtual coin.
1) Inserting the coin on the Waves circuit
2) Insertion of the currency in the world of chess players with the creation of the lichess group and weekly games
3) YouTube video presenting the project and explaining the world of crypto
4) Free weekly training on the world of crypto with meetings in English and / or Italian on the Zoom platform
5) Use of the market for participation in the tournament
6) Cups to the top 3 of CHECKMATE COIN Grand Prix
7) Gadgets for the other finishers of each tournament (key rings, pens, pen holders, cups, etc.)
8) Grand Prix that ends with bigger prizes for the top 3:
A. 1 voucher of 100 euros for a trip of your choice
B. 1 new smartphone worth 50 euros (Blackview brand)
C. 1 voucher of 25 euros to spend on Amazon
D. Official CHECKMATE COIN NFTs in BakerySwap
9) Creation of another currency on BSC, ETHEREUM and HIVE ENGINE, with a BOT that distributes CHECKMATE COINs among users of PeakD and other HIVE blogs and with a pool in
10) Possibility of exchanging the coins of the various circuits between them on a Pancake Swap liquidity pool
Exchange within the website
11) Awards for investors like chess material or otherwise
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The scores are attributed to each tournament and are as follows:
1st place: 10 points;
2nd place: 8 points;
3rd place: 6 points;
4th place: 4 points;
5th place: 2 points;
From 6th place: 1 point.
To find out the updated ranking and where you are in the Grand Prix, you can send an email to