Do not lose with time :D

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Team leader: sermon

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Tournaments 8x8 1/4 +1, 50 min casual brasil and russian variants

Prize: 50 Euro for top 1

0) We play to relax and enjoy ourselves.
1) If you are top 1 and have +6 points advantage against top2, you need to pause and wait to lose top1.
2) After 40 min of the tournament don't care about rule 1. The Top 1 do NOT need to pause.
3) If above rules will be not respected, I decide about THE winner ;)

1) The prize will be awarded in the convenient way for you. Contact me. If you don't care about money you can donate to any other player.
2) Assuming average game is 30 moves per player we have 1,5 min for a game. Make good moves and do not lose with time!
3) Join a team and you will be informed about upcoming tournaments.