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15 members

DRAUGHTS Championships! TEAM

I preferring draughts can really good with the team. But in this team, we will fight! We will organizing the tournaments, and mostly prefer times: 3+0, BERSERK (Half the time), 5+0, 10+0, ultra, hyper, and others fast! But maybe you like classic? No problem, we are playing correspondence too. Welcome everybody, we will be free first of lidraughts championship team.

Forum (2)

  1. DRAUGHTS Championships! forum fandammen

    hello teamates can we organize different sessions training in order to have a strong team for later competitions we will have in this site?

  2. DRAUGHTS Championships! forum lidraughts

    Welcome to the DRAUGHTS Championships! forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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