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Frisian TEAM

This is for people who want to get better at Frisian chess. Free-for-all!
Location: Lidraughts

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  1. Frisian forum BumperBalloonCars

    One of the greatest Frisian tournaments of the year is being played right now! You can watch the games live. Look at the event link (shown below) for the links to the official website coverage. h

  2. frisians Frisian

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know this team is one of the leaders in points with over 7000! Keep it up! Also lets try to discover some frisian theory and make some new openings :)

  3. Opening theory 1 Rive12345

    I got the question if 33-38 is really a good move. For an answer I need to trust other sources than myself, and yes it is indeed a reasonable way to play in this position. It seems counter-intuitive,

  4. Opening theory 1 Rive12345 Here I show a trick from some opening. The take-home message should be that you have to be cautious when you put a man "under" another man because you crea

  5. Learning Material BumperBalloonCars

    Subject study: "Frisian Draughts: A beginners introduction" Here my first Frisian study:

  6. Frisian forum RoepStoep

    How about this for a combination: Intropage of the video translates from Dutch roughly to "Cosmic Combination - the largest possible capture in Frisia

  7. Frisian forum Frisian

    hey guys thanks for joining! Here we can study!

  8. Frisian forum lidraughts

    Welcome to the Frisian forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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