Fun club

12 members
We run on lichess, lishogi, and on lidraughts!
Our lichess team:
lishogi team:

We’re gonna have shields!
🔥 blitz:
⚡️ bullet:
🐇 rapid:
🐢 classical:
🛸 ultrabullet:

🇷🇺 Russian:
🇧🇷 Brazilian:
♥️ Frisian
💕 Frysk!
🏁 breakthrough
✖️ Anti draughts

Leaderboard: (if you get a point in a tourney it gets put on the leaderboard)


Win a team tourney 🥇
Come in second on a team tourney 🥈
Come In third 🥉
Create a team forum 📰
Invite a member 👥
Compete in a team battle where we win 👑
Participate in a tourney 🎮
Win a puzzle-Othon 🧩
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