How to play draughts... wait wut?

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This is a team for everyone for fun also
Good luck for all the games 🔥
:3 -\_(1~1)_/- Ⓜ️EGA Draughts here
You could join with me or not have fun here😁🤝
And sometimes it will be different things I am glad right now you had fun
If you join my team you will be amazing and Awesome also I will follow you and always be your friend also a tip of me: please follow me and if you want to message me a question about anything then I will answer it have a l-u-c-k-y day or is it just ucky...🤭🤫😉 And if you are the leader don’t kick out other leaders please if you do that it is inappropriate ok?
Ok thanks for Joining my team there’s more information about team battles and tournaments also (Ok so I’m telling that if you win you get to keep it forever ♾ lol) much more I will tell something in the form and everyone can write
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