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Team creator: @Sohamroy12
Leaders: (They are like leaders but like only a person can be leader)

VIPs=The VIPs get to choose a personal tourney every week and can give suggestions for the team. And also Advertise THEIR own team. Why not have it? :)
V.I.Ps: @ASIERMACARRON (Why? Because he tried to give me MANY ideas!)

(New Update 3/17/2021) (Still in beta) Patreons of the team☆
Might be coming soon!
Another in beta: Our website!
And another thing in beta!: Jokes and memes Fandom

Tourneys? Yeah. We have many tourneys! Not so.. "Daily" though
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(if you want to be an ally, message @minitoon_boi and @sohamroy_3rdaccount)
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