Lidraughts Puzzle Team

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This team is for all those who like draughts puzzles! I will post the links to some of my latest studies that involve puzzles. Every now and then I will create tournaments for this team.
NEW: We now award titles. Here is the list:
CM - (Candidate master) Have a standard draughts rating between 1800 - 1900
IM - (Intermediate master) Have a standard draughts rating between 1900 - 2000
GM - (Grandmaster) Have a standard draughts rating between 2000 - 2250
IGM - (International grandmaster) Have a standard draughts rating of 2250+
PM - (Puzzle master) Have a standard, frisian, or russian puzzle rating of 1900+
RM - (Russian master) Have a russian rating of 1800+
BM - (Brazilian master) Have a brazilian rating of 1800+

Titled leader board:
CM tititogepi, rated at 1806
PM FT-Draughts, rated at 2250
PM frankmeijer, rated at 1979
PM puissantor, rated at 2192
PM mkn2007, rated at 2236
RM Iamplayerr, rated at 1809
GM CasSchaapveld, rated at 2187
PM JICheckers10000, rated at 1914
PM pinchita, rated at 1941
PM EdwinMao, rated at 2728
PM B44l1nt, rated at 2566
PM Ariel, rated at 2288
IGM szaman2115, rated at 2263
PM szaman2115, rated at 1938
GM Deriglazov-15, rated at 2034
PM viniciusdamir, rated at 2189
PM playdraughts, rated at 2162
IM playdraughts, rated at 1971
IM Up2success26, rated at 1920
RM viniciusdamir, rated at 1910
GM viniciusdamir, rated at 2002
RM Deriglazov_15, rated at 1836
BM viniciusdamir, rated at 1853
CM Ariel, rated at 1806

Once we have enough titled players we will host some titled arenas.

New puzzles for brazilian!
New puzzles for standard!