Lidraughts Ultrabullet

35 members
The official team for all the ultrabullet players
There are a lot of tournaments for all the ultrabullet lovers
Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tournaments!

I decerne titles for all players who join the team and have a good level!
CM : 1700-1800 and for all players who win at least 5 tournaments in the team!
FM : 1800-2000
IM : 2000 - 2200
GM : 2200-2400
BGM : 2400+
LM : The players who do the tournaments and participate actively in the team can have this title

The titled players here :
CM GewoonAlex
CM root3
FM Julia0110
FM bialecki_kacper
FM CasSchaapveld
FM IPlayWithMyMind
IM tititogepi
GM Bram_bekkers
GM Lil6282