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15 members

Regulators TEAM

Just people who want to chill and be in a club with a semi-cool name. Also fans of me because I'm selfish :)
Location: Draughtworld

Forum (8)

  1. Rated Frisian Ultrabullet (0.25+0) Unavailable RoughDraught

    Here is the email I received from Stefan Schermann: Hi, Glad to hear you're enjoying the site! The problem here is that you cannot play rated ultrabullet games with variants (unrated shoul

  2. Endgame question Leonstolzz

    Ah. So it was a draw. Thank you for the answer, Regulator.

  3. Endgame question Regulator

    You can find drawing rules and drawing rules here

  4. Rated Frisian Ultrabullet (0.25+0) Unavailable Regulator

    Sorry about it :(. It would just be unfair in frisian... the taking abilities would make it near impossible

  5. Rated Frisian Ultrabullet (0.25+0) Unavailable Regulator

    It is... variant ultra is not allowed on this site and on lichess

  6. Rated Frisian Ultrabullet (0.25+0) Unavailable RoughDraught

    I was trying to create a rated Frisian ultrabullet game with 0.25+0 time control, and I found that it is unavailable. I will be getting in touch with the administrator to find out more about this.

  7. Endgame question Leonstolzz

    So I was playing a game and ending up with a position where I had 2 kings and my opponent had a king and 2 single pieces ( and it ended as a draw. I was wondering

  8. Regulators forum lidraughts

    Welcome to the Regulators forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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