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Tomorrow, Virgin Galactic will launch Sir Richard Branson from the spaceport Americastaskamaev •

Tomorrow at 16:00, together with five other crew members, Virgin Galactic will send its founder into space. This will be the first ever flight of a billionaire into space! Live broadcast: https://www

fast radio burstsstaskamaev •

investigation of fast radio bursts.

China has conquered Mars!staskamaev •

[EN] The landing platform of the Chinese interplanetary station "Tianwen-1" with the rover "Zhuzhong" ("Zhurong") on board made a soft landing on the Utopia plain in the northern part of Mars. China b

Сhinese rocketstaskamaev •

the Chinese rocket is falling uncontrollably to the ground and can fall anywhere!

124 years of the discovery of the electronstaskamaev •

On April 29, 1897, the English physicist Joseph Thomson told his colleagues about the discovery of the electron

20 years of space tourismstaskamaev •

On April 28, 2001, Dennis Tito made the world's first tourist flight into space, for $ 20 million

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