Wolf Master's Club

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For All Draughts players

πŸ”ΉTeam Creator :- @Wolf_Master_2008
πŸ”ΉTeam Leaders :- @Wolf_Master_2008

1.Main leader - @Wolf_Master_2008 (Follow me)
2.Team Creator - @Wolf_Master_2008 (Follow me)
3.Arena tournaments - By all Team leaders.
4.Team battles- By all team leaders

**In our team you will have:-

Arena tournaments.
Team battles.
Special Tournaments... and many more...
Team Creator- @Wolf_Master_2008(Follow me)

1.No Spamming In The Team Chat
2.No Public Shaming
3.No Disrespecting Other People
4.No Inappropriate Behavior
5.No Advertising
6.No Cheating In Tournaments
7.If you ask for leadership you have to give 3 title players to the team.
πŸ”Ή MI @Ukrnenko
πŸ”Ή MF @Laka007

Location: Earth 🌎